You Don't Have to Take Our Word for It!

Here's what some of our satisfied customers have to say about Lakeway Auto Parts & Repair:

Great little auto parts store. The guys are knowledgeable & friendly. Their prices ALWAYS beat the big stores!

K. Blevins

The greatest place to get all your automotive needs in the state of Tennessee, and that is is saying something because of all the great places in Tennessee. They always have some of the greatest prices along with all their great staff members.

Dallas S.

Wayne and team are fair and awesome! I would highly recommend!!

Marilyn W.

Always treat their customers with respect & always do whatever they can to help get what you need.. Very good parts store..

Brandon A.

Really good about getting parts you need for your car quick if they don't already stock them. Good people work there, family owned and operated.

Phyllis T.

Everyone at Lakeway Auto is awesome...If you have any needs just holler at Jim Gentry or one of the super knowledgeable staff for any automotive need you may have. Great service prices as well!

Sue R.

I have used Lakeway Auto Parts in Bristol for 4yrs. (Randy) The have fixed my car right the 1st time and had the fairest price I could find. One story..I had a lower ball joint break on my Mustang GT. My front end had dropped down till it was touching the tire. Had it towed to their shop. $150 for it to be fixed. Told them to put a new ball joint on the other side. Now it is doing great!! These guys have been great to me. Consider them if you need a car repair. Note...ask for Joe

Randy H.

Best parts store in the area. If Wayne and Joe and the boys dont have what you are looking for , they will do what it takes to find it. Dont go to some chain parts store where a high school kid who dont know the dfference between a carburetor and a fuel filter helps ya .

Ted G.

Top notch group of guys. They do good quality work for an affordable price. We just had an entire brake system throughout our truck replaced. So far very pleased with the work. Thanks Joe and your crew for helping us out.

Stephanie B.